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With the latest global technology in geomatics, we offer a variety of surveying and mapping services. Our technology includes; the Digital Sensor System (DSS 439) which is a state of the art intergrated mapping system that incorporates Color and Color Infrared (CIR) digital imager, POS AV Direct Georeferencing System and a Flight Management System. This complemented by the Long range airborne Laser scanner (RIEGL Q560) which allows laser point clouds to be generated providing Digital Elevation Models. This is the most preferable method of choice in the following industries; pipeline mapping, highway and railway mapping, topographical mapping, utilities mapping and telecommunications. Our products include 3D city models, profiles and crossections, orthophotomaps and contours. In addition to this, we also have other high-tech geodetic equipment that is necessary for high precision geodetic works. These include dual frequency geodetic GPS from Magellan, total stations, and EDMs.